The Bertoletti born in 1971 , and specializes in two main areas: the transfer machine overhaul and trading and construction of chip conveyors , initially addressing the emerging market for bathroom fittings of the province of Brescia (Lumezzane in particular) and the Novarese.

Currently ns. company operates internationally for about 50% of sales and buys, sells, revises, modifies and repairs suitable used transfer machines for working in large number of details of any metallic material (iron, steel, cast iron, brass, bronze, aluminum). In our warehouse we always have tens of used transfer machines (air, oil of different brands or CNC) which Gnutti, Gozio, Riello, BTB, Arcardini, Buffoli, Mikron, etc.

Our technicians can make small repair and maintenance directly by the client or, for the more important, in our premises. headquarters such as the review of the drilling unit or tapping, recesses, of tables, clamps, etc.
Our electricians and programmers have experiences ranging from old electrical substations relay, to the most recent PLC finally to those with CN of various brands.

Our mechanical department (supported by ns. Technical department that designs internally) produces heads of facing mechanical
, hydraulic and electric CNC, rapid changes patron and shoes (with and without rapid advances) for tapping units , clamps and special hydraulic carts, changes to transformations of hydraulic tables in electrical and pneumatic drives in hydraulic (also CN), etc.

Our carpentry department produces (and repairs) chip conveyors scraping, and magnetic roller shutter hinged on customer specifications; even with various automatic filtration systems such as: rotofiltri self-cleaning, systems with cartridge filters, column filters with backwashing and magnetic drums.


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